Seattle's hottest & most unique jazz band. Dynamic original arrangements of the best jazz saxophone tunes ever recorded by the saxophone greats!

Your ears are treated to an exciting jazz concert every time the powerful, sizzling sounds of
BOYD PHELPS' SAX ATTACK! hits the stage. You won't believe it's just a quintet!

The band is also available for hire in smaller forms - quartet, trio, and duo.

Next public appearance:

Catch Boyd playing solo most afternoons at Lenin Statue Plaza in Fremont. This is his creative way of relearning the 100's of jazz tunes that were in his repertoire before the strokes.

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Bandleader Boyd Phelps returned to the band after spending a year at home recovering from several strokes which caused "acquired amusia", a disorder that damaged his brain's ability to process music. Boyd has had the monumental task of relearning music from the very beginning. He continues to practice and study many hours everyday to regain lost skills. When recovering music after a stroke, it sure helps to have a neuropsychologist in the band, an acupuncturist for a wife, and unrelenting drive and determination to relearn lost skills. Boyd still has great difficulty talking, reading, and writing due to "aphasia" - a language disorder caused by the strokes - but he is glad to be regaining enough music skills to play jazz. He still has a long way to go to recover the music and language skills he lost but his strong work ethic should help him get his skills back.

Hear Boyd's first venture onto the bandstage since the strokes. He played this lovely ballad at Tula's in August:

We wish to thank saxophonist Nathaniel Schleimer for doing a marvelous job of filling the void while Boyd was away, and pianist Dr. Ken Kassover for applying his knowledge of the brain and his skills as a jazz musician to guide Boyd's journey back to musicianship.