Boyd Phelps Sax Attack! is a unique jazz quintet featuring two alto saxophones with piano, bass, and drums. Repertoire consists of mainstream jazz from the American songbook with homage to the saxophone. It was founded by its leader, alto saxophonist Dr. Boyd Phelps, in 1984 in California. The band’s longest running gig in California was at On Broadway Bar & Café in Sacramento, where Sax Attack! played bebop and neo-bebop to packed houses every week for 8 years. In 1991, the band was the first recipient of the Sacramento Area Music Award (SAMMIE) for Best Jazz Group. The band played sporatically during the 1990’s and early 2000’s while Boyd relocated to Washington and the Midwest to pursue education and teaching activities. Recently in Seattle, Boyd has reinvented Sax Attack!. This revised ensemble has a fresh take on favorite jazz standards. The band’s new repertoire is comprised of special arrangements Boyd has written which explore harmonies, rhythm, and musical form in new ways. Boyd’s inspirations behind this music are the great jazz saxophonists such as John Coltrane, Charlie Parker, Bud Shank, and Phil Woods. Sax Attack! is the only jazz group in Seattle presenting unique arrangements of jazz standards and paying tribute to the saxophone.